How to use AI in Sales & Marketing

Around the world, AI is intensifying the race to identify, nurture, and transform customer prospects into long-term relationships. Microsoft Dynamics 365 leverages the power of Azure AI to unify your siloed customer data and extract valuable hidden insights for a more meaningful customer relationship. Check out this video to learn how you can do more with Dynamics 365!

Strategic’s Summer Kickoff

June Birthdays Sabine Britting                                   June 8th Tom Cook                                            June 13th Tommy Kinnaird                               June 17th Ken Lickliter                                        June 11th Collin Palmer                                     June 14th Brian Walls                                          June 23rd June Work Anniversaries Sabine Britting                                   June 24th                              2 years Eric Heck                                              June 15th                              1 year Reed Horonick                                   June 17th                              2 years Chris Mills                                            June 15th                              13 years New hires Thy Williams               Sr. …

Strategic partnerships

Strategic’s New Partnerships: May 2021

Strategic Communications continues to expand technology offerings through our newly developed partnerships with industry leaders! These new partnerships enable us to satisfy a multitude of customer IT, AV and Cloud related needs. SynchroNet: Amazon Workspaces and AppStream 2.0 As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, SynchroNet provides an impressive array of professional services related to Amazon AppStream 2.0 and Amazon Workspaces. …

Leveraging Tech to Improve Customer Experience: 11 Smart Techniques

CX is vital in helping a company retain its customers and grow its customer base through organic referrals. From intelligent chatbots available 24/7 to personal touch technologies, data-driven solutions are engaging customers in profound new ways. In this article, 11 members of Forbes Technology Council explain how organizations can use intelligent tech can improve their customers’ experience.

Enterprise Communication made easy through Digital Signage

Digital displays and signage are an effective messaging medium in contemporary retail, museums, healthcare, and academia. Moreover, Enterprise businesses have become increasingly aware of the solutions digital media players offer in the modern market. For instance LED, LCD, and projection can be used to display content.

ESNEFT Customer Success Story

When East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust (ESNEFT) wanted to transform the way they engage with staff and patients, they used #Microsoft Teams and #Surface devices to deliver on their Time Matters digital program. Watch this video and contact Strategic Communications to learn more!

How a cloud-native approach enables frictionless, scalable security

Among enterprises, 91 percent report data security concerns when they move to the cloud. If these worries are left unaddressed, they can lead an organization to slow down or completely halt its digital transformation. Learn about the three criteria that network detection and response (#NDR) solutions must have to ensure a successful cloud approach to cybersecurity and native integration with Microsoft #Azure.

Hybrid Workspaces: Coming Back to the Office

Government, Education and Enterprise Agencies Transition Employees Back into the Office by Adopting Hybrid Workspaces and Collaboration. Government, education and enterprise agencies have spent millions upon millions of dollars adapting to remote / hybrid workspaces and distance learning trends brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. For many, lack of technology infrastructure was the largest hurdle in getting their organizations online …