Enterprise Mobility

Mobility Strategy

Modern organizations are adopting mobile devices and applications as a standard business practice. With the widespread use of mobile technologies, organizations are facing new challenges such as management, network optimization and security. Strategic Communications offers our Enterprise Mobility solutions to businesses of all sizes and industry. Our certified experts in Cisco, Dell EMC, and HPE/Aruba design work diligently to design a future-proof Enterprise Mobility strategy for your headquarters, satellite offices, and remote locations.


Strategic Communications provides wireless mobility solutions customized for organizations of all sizes. Our team of experts incorporate voice encryption technologies and signal optimization best practices.

Our Wireless Solutions

  • Wireless LAN and Mesh Network Deployment
  • Network topology site surveys
  • Wireless network design and architecture
  • Extensive experience in network security solutions
  • Extensive experience in integrating wireless connectivity into existing infrastructures

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

To achieve your BYOD mobility goals, many factors remain considered. The huge diversity of devices, carriers, OS and plans across multiple networks means every user is different. Strategic Communications assists you with your BYOD strategy for:

  • Identifying the best BYOD approach to match business goals
  • Enabling robust security of business data and applications on employee devices
  • Planning the logistics of maintaining IT support, compatibility and troubleshooting for so many unique devices
  • Managing varied employee roles with differing content and functionality needs
  • Prioritizing and building mobile-enabled applications
  • Designing technical solutions to work together seamlessly
  • Managing ongoing changes in the workforce, business, and technology
Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is comprised of connected devices, sensors, and automated technology that connect through the web. Strategic Communications partners with Cisco, Dell and HPE to provide organizations a clear roadmap to fully integrate their business processes into IoT. If integrated correctly, IoT drastically minimizes an organization’s CapEx and OpEx, while increasing productivity.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

The adoption of mobile devices in the workplace has proven to be a great asset to organizations. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) saves companies thousands of dollars every year, and also increases employee productivity. How do organizations manage the utilization of personal assets? Strategic Communications partners with Microsoft, Cisco, Dell EMC and HPE/Aruba to provide a full mobile device management solution.

Smart Cities

The deployments of enterprise mobility, wireless networking, cloud infrastructure and IoT have given rise to cities automating critical infrastructure and services. Cities implementing these automated services are knows as Smart Cities. Strategic Communications partners with Cisco, HPE/Aruba, Microsoft, AWS to provide Smart Cities with the necessary infrastructure, management and analytical solutions needed to optimize critical processes.

Microsoft Surface Solutions

In a time of international crisis, federal governments are stepping up to lead. Modernizing your office technology better positions your organization to address increased expectations and optimize your citizen engagement.

Strategic Communications offers Microsoft Surface devices and software in transforming how government organizations serve their citizens. Surface provides federal employees with the tools they need to work productively, collaboratively, and securely to deliver services, wherever they are.

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