Strategic’s January News and Announcements


Jordan DunnJanuary 1st
Kathy MillsJanuary 1st
Riya SimonJanuary 17th


Lacy Lechner12 Years
Collin Palmer7 Years
John Fisher7 Years
Tina Michaels3 Years
Steve Price2 Years
Marcus Lavender1 Year
Nathan Doherty1 Year

Job Openings

A/V and Low Voltage

Audio Video (A/V) Design EngineerLouisville, KY
Lead Audio Visual (A/V) Technician/InstallerLouisville, KY
Structured Cabling Lead TechnicianLouisville, KY
Audio Video (A/V) Design EngineerRemote


Project CoordinatorLouisville, KY
Technology Project ManagerLouisville, KY

Refer a candidate and you are eligible for a $500 employee referral bonus after successful completion of their first ninety (90) days!

Upcoming Holidays, & Events

Angel Tree Volunteer Event

Office Holiday Get-Together

1/15 Martin Luther King Jr. Day – On this day, we honor the life and legacy of civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Offices will be closed. We will resume normal business hours on January 16th. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.”

1/19 National Popcorn Day – Popcorn will be provided by Strategic.

1/22 – 2024 Sales Kickoff Week – We look forward to welcoming our out of state sales employees and vendor partners for a week of strategy, training and engagement.

1/29 National Puzzle Day – Is the perfect day to do a little brain exercise. Scientists have discovered during puzzle solving we utilize both sides of the brain, improving memory, cognitive function and problem-solving skills in the process. By utilizing puzzles, people can stimulate the brain and improve a number of skills. For those at HQ, please visit the 2nd floor during lunch or your breaks time to solve a puzzle.

Inspirational Quote of The Month

“I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.”

Thomas Paine

Employees of the Month

Ron Knight – Mucho Guusto to Ron Knight for dropping everything to fly to New York last week and fix a botched install. He is a valued asset to Strategic. – Dave

Nathan Neutz – As a new employee at Strategic, Nathan has been my lighthouse when I’m drowning in the sea of information or struggling with a process. Whenever I’ve had a question, he has been there to answer it and it has been very evident from the first day that his goal was to not only train me, but to make sure I understood the processes and ensure I’m prepared for the coming growth and success of our Cloud department. — Will Brauner

Dennis Rogers – Big shout out to Matt and Dennis for working together and saving the company money. The printer by my office has not been functioning properly for the last 2+ months. Matt comes back full-time and has been conquering outstanding tasks. I mentioned to him our printer wasn’t working and we may need to get a Xerox tech here to fix the computer. He gets in touch with Dennis and together they were able to troubleshoot and fix the issue in minutes. Bravo!!! – Cheyenne

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