Army Desktop and Mobile Computing 3

Contract Number: W52P1J-19-D-0050

Strategic Communications is proud to support the Army’s commodity buy purchases through the recently awarded Army Desktop and Mobile Computing-3 (ADMC-3) contract. Our contract is backed by a full array of products, services and partnerships from vendors like DELL and Xerox. Our product solutions for the Army CHESS ADMC-3 contract W52P1J-19-D-0050 include:

  • DELL Notebooks and desktops – the right hardware solutions for stability, top performance, ultimate mobility and networking.
  • Printers and imaging products – the world-wide leader in printing technology.
  • Services including warranty service, installation, asset tagging, imaging, site surveys, and system configuration.
  • ADMC-3 is the U.S. Army's primary vehicle for consolidated buys.


Contract Details

Contract Name
Army Desktop and Mobile Computing – 3

Contract Number

Contract Type
Firm Fixed Price

Contract Duration

Base period: March 25, 2020 – March 5, 2025
Option 1 Period: March 6, 2025 – March 5, 2030
Ceiling: $5 Billion across all contracts for life of contracts

Authorized Buyers
Open to Army, DoD and all Federal Agencies

Benefits of using Army CHESS ADMC-3
No Fees associated
Decentralized Ordering
Open to Army, DoD and all Federal Agencies


Cage Code

Contact for Quote

Army CHESS ADMC-3 Team

Army CHESS ADMC-3 Service:
(833) 651-1137

Army CHESS ADMC-3 Contract Orders & Info:
(833) 651-1138


Consolidated Buys

Looking for a custom computing platform to meet your needs, but don’t have the time to wait for multiple parts to come in and assemble them together? Strategic Communications helps streamline your custom computing needs with our consolidated buys. We carry an array of pre-built computing devices to meet any requirement. Whether you require more processing power, more memory or more storage space, Strategic Communications’ consolidated buys cover the entire spectrum.