Thermal Fever Screening Technology


Strategic Communications has added Thermal Mirror, a fever screening technology, to its portfolio of technology solutions during this time of transition. As you get back to business, let us help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 by protecting your most valuable assets: your employees and customers.


Thermal Mirror leverages thermal technology, which captures infrared radiation and creates results based on temperature differences.

  • A non-contact fever inspection/solution kiosk driven by thermal sensors and powered with Artificial Intelligence
  • Makes real-time temperature taking easy, fast, and accurate –to boost community confidence through proactive protection
  • Keeps your workplace safe by helping reduce the spread of COVID-19 so we can get back to business with peace of mind
  • Out of the box ready for Temp/Fever Check and to confirm / deny access

Safe Schools and Learning Spaces

The pandemic situation regarding COVID-19 is changing daily, making it difficult for schools and learning centers to re-open their doors to students and faculty. Thermal Mirror’s ability to detect fever, offer facial recognition controls and integrate with access control fits well with any Safe School initiative for infectious disease prevention. With contact-free thermal scanning and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, Thermal Mirror supports risk mitigation strategies in preventing spread of COVID-19, The Flu, Common Cold and other infectious diseases within schools, universities, and learning centers.

Investing in Productivity

HR- Protect the workforce, create Safe Space, compliance logs for legal audit trails become available.

FACILITIES- Connect with access control to identify individuals; grant or deny access before entering a facility.

OPERATIONS- Uptime, minimize impact of cross contagion from viral illnesses like the FLU, COVID, Common Cold.

MARKETING- You own the data. Associate with engagement platforms like rewards programs or digital signage.

Customizable settings:

  • Capture analytics to meet their operational, compliance, and HR requirements.
  • All data is aggregated and accessible from a single dashboard
  • Integrate data with other cloud-based systems – and networked for an enterprise wide solution
  • Networking supports multiple entrances and test stations

Non-contact body temperature kiosk with fast temperature checks and facial recognition

Branded Retail
Back of house, confirming employees are fit and safe for work.
Ensuring dealers and customers are safe and ready to service or test drive.
Checking employee fit to work, and customers to shop.
Theater & Entertainment
Back of house, confirming employees are fit and safe to work.
Food & Beverage
Back of house, confirming employees are fit and safe to work and dwell.
Hospitality & Casino
For safe monitoring and check in of guests.
Corporate Lobby Manufacturing & Property Development
Verify staff, Tenants and Workers are fit to work before entering.
Stadium Event Arenas
Checking customers are safe and well to socialize.
Checking children are safe to attend school.

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