Top 10 Cloud Migration Services in 2021

Moving to the cloud can be an intimidating task. Lifting your current infrastructure and moving to the cloud presents challenges for any organization. However, with the help of a cloud migration service, all of the moving parts of cloud migration are simplified and managed to ensure a successful transition. With that in mind, which migration service should you pick? Below are ten services designed to help your business modernize its IT architecture and transition your applications, databases, and virtual machines to the cloud.

Top Cloud Migration Services: AWS Migration Services

1. AWS Cloud Migration Services

AWS Cloud infrastructure is already the most popular cloud solution among both the private and public sectors, and their cloud migration tools remain top-notch. AWS Cloud Migration Services features multiple tools to fit your specific use case.

AWS Application Migration Services (AWS MGN) is AWS’s main cloud migration tool, and it is designed to transition your traditional infrastructure into cloud architecture in a matter of minutes. AWS MGN continuously replicates your servers and applications meaning there will be minimal if any downtime, allowing you to continue everyday business functions during the migration with little to no interruptions.

For a more detailed breakdown of AWS and the specific migration solutions they provide check out this article on AWS Migration Services.

Cloud Migration Features

  • Continuous transfers and replications that minimize downtime of applications
  • Migration services are built into the AWS Management Console allowing volume based cost savings through AWS Consolidated Billing
  • Can transfer petabytes of data instantly through the AWS Snow Family

Microsoft Azure Cloud Migrations

2. Azure Cloud Migration Tools

Azure is another highly popular cloud platform, and its proprietary migration tools help you make a seamless transition to the cloud. Azure offers a block-based migration limiting your applications’ downtime as they migrate your infrastructure block by block.

Azure also integrates perfectly into the rest of Microsoft’s product suite. Office 365, Sharepoint, and Microsoft Outlook all have integrated features with Azure, allowing your organization to add additional efficiencies on top of your cloud infrastructure.

Azure also provides powerful cloud-based SQL databases, as well as intuitive migration tools to help you convert your current databases to the cloud. To learn more about Azure’s database migration tools and the rest of their cloud migration tools use this link to our article on Azure Migrate.

Azure Cloud Migration Features

  • Block based migration that limits downtime
  • Built in integration with Office 365, Sharepoint, and Outlook
  • Rigorous security protocols that ensure the safety of your data
Top Cloud Migration Tools - Google Cloud Migration Services

3. Google Migration Services

Google also offers cloud architecture solutions, and their cloud migration tools offer a seamless transition. As with AWS and Azure, Google offers cost-effective cloud migration tools if you are planning to move your infrastructure to their proprietary cloud.

Google offers detailed whitepapers and case studies in relation to its cloud adoption framework. These tools are highly valuable if you are planning on internally developing a cloud migration plan. If you want a more guided migration then Google also offers cloud migration services through Migrate for Compute Engine, a powerful tool that assists in migration and minimizes downtime. To learn more about how Migrate for Compute Engine and the rest of Google’s migration tools can save your organization money and time check out this article on Google Migration Services.

Google Cloud Migration Features

  • Rollback functionality to ensure the safety of data during migration
  • On-premise utilization reports to help with provisioning cloud infrastructure
  • Advanced replication technology that migrates data to the cloud in the background, with no downtime or stoppage
Top Cloud Migration Service - Rivermeadow

4. Rivermeadow

RiverMeadow is one of the best cloud migration tools not owned by one of the major cloud platforms. They offer migration services to AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud and can help identify which cloud platform is the best fit for your use case.

There are benefits to using a cloud migration tool owned by the cloud platform itself, but you do face the issue of tunnel vision toward one cloud provider. RiverMeadow allows you to weigh all of the different platforms and ensures that you have the smoothest transition possible to the cloud.

Rivermeadow Cloud Migration Features

  • Partnerships with multiple different cloud services
  • Expert team knowledgeable of AWS, Azure, Google and more cloud solutions
  • Managed migration service, with great customer support
Top Cloud Migration Service - Cloudcheckr

5. CloudCheckr

Effective Cloud migration is a three-step process involving planning, execution, and optimization/monitoring. CloudCheckr’s expertise is in that final stage: cloud management and optimization.

Throughout the cloud migration process, CloudCheckr offers actionable insights on cost management, security, and more. These insights and management tools continue into the post-deployment phase and assist your organization in managing your cloud resources. This ensures that your organization fully realizes the benefits of the cloud, and will continue to maintain those benefits through monitoring and optimization.

CloudCheckr Migration Features

  • Extensive monitoring tools for your entire cloud framework
  • Self Healing Automation automatically resolves minor issues in your cloud infrastructure
  • Cost and Expense management tools to maintain governance and meet strict budgets
Top Cloud Migration Service - Dynatrace

6. DynaTrace

DynaTrace’s main benefit is its visualization software, it can deliver all relevant metrics across all users and applications visualized in real-time. This can simplify all aspects of the cloud migration process, from planning to implementation, to monitoring.

DynaTrace also visualizes your entire IT infrastructure across multiple data centers which is very helpful if you are using a hybrid cloud model. DynaTrace maps out and conceptualizes your infrastructure, containers, and cloud services allowing you to observe and monitor your entire IT architecture. This information is invaluable to the planning and monitoring of the cloud, especially when considering a more complicated hybrid or multi-cloud deployment.

DynaTrace Cloud Migration Features

  • Powerful visualization tools that monitor your cloud architecture in real time
  • Monitor and manage your entire cloud stack from a single application
  • Automated cloud deployments, to make the migration process as easy as possible
Top Cloud Migration Service - Oracle OCI

7. Oracle OCI

Oracle also offers powerful Cloud Migration Tools for its cloud services. Oracle’s cloud architecture was built with a security-first focus and features secure enclaves within accounts for sensitive information. All cloud providers implement powerful security measures, but if security is your main concern with cloud migration then Oracle may be the best platform for you.

Another benefit of choosing Oracle OCI is its built-in support for Oracle’s Database Management System (DBMS). When transfering your Oracle DBMS to the cloud, this frictionless option minimizes the amount of database restructuring and employee retraining required.

Oracle OCI Cloud Migration Features

  • Security-first archtitecture, without sacrificing performance
  • Integrated full stack management across both cloud and on-premise infrastructure
  • High-performance, highly resistant database structure
Top Cloud Migration Services - Equinix

8. Equinix

Equinix is a powerful tool, especially when deploying a hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure. Equinix’s Cloud Exchange Fabric uses Kubernetes technology to interact with Google Cloud Anthos, Amazon EKS, and Microsoft AKS, allowing your organization to deploy applications across multiple cloud services all from the same application.

Equinix’s cloud migration tools are incredibly helpful for organizations planning a more complex multi-cloud deployment. If your business is planning on using multiple cloud providers across different functional areas, then Equinix’s powerful tools are great for migrating your infrastructure. Equinix provides full-stack management from a single application, allowing you to manage and optimize complex cloud architecture.

Equinix Cloud Migration Features

  • Kubernetes technology allows for container deployment across multiple cloud services
  • Full stack management from a single application
  • Partnerships with multiple cloud service providers
Top Cloud Migration Services - Enquizit

9. Enquizit

Enquizit’s flagship cloud migration product is Skymap, a framework using AWS artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine optimized migration paths with less risk. Skymap optimizes the planning stage of cloud migrations, allowing your organization to identify the best solutions for your use case.

As Enquizit migrates your workflows to the cloud, they implement tight security controls, standardized backup protocols, load balancing, and monitoring capabilities. Ensuring that your cloud infrastructure remains properly maintained even after the initial implementation of your cloud migration.

Enquizit Features

  • Machine learning powered migration path optimization
  • Builds management and monitoring mechanisms into your cloud solution during migration
Top Cloud Migration Services - iOLAP

10. iOLAP

iOLAP has a partnership with AWS, IBM Cloud, and Google Cloud. They offer a more hands-on managed cloud migration service. For businesses looking to migrate their on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, iOLAP offers in-depth cloud architecture planning services. And for businesses looking to improve their current cloud architecture or migrate to a new cloud provider, they offer cloud framework reviews and remediation.

iOLAP Features

  • High levels of customer service
  • Managed solutions focused on your organization’s use case
  • Expert cloud analysts with experience with multiple cloud providers who can assist in the planning of your cloud migration

Cloud Migration Services

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