Google Cloud Migration Services

The Value of Google Migration Services

Migrating your infrastructure to the cloud is one of the most influential IT decisions your organization will make. By using the cloud’s automatically scaling infrastructure your business stays agile while also cutting costs. With those benefits in mind, many businesses and governments are choosing to migrate their infrastructure to the cloud, and among those transitioning to the cloud, one of the most popular destinations is Google Cloud.

Google Cloud and Your Migration Journey

In order to help with your cloud migration journey, Google has developed several cloud migration tools to simplify the entire process. These tools assist in every step of the transition, from planning to implementation to optimization. Google offers individual services for specific IT needs, ensuring each part of your IT infrastructure is transferred in the most efficient, secure, and timely manner possible. Furthermore, the company provides services specializing in migrating Databases, Applications, Virtual Machines, and Data Storage, and other IT functions.

If you have interests in a more all-encompassing cloud migration service, Google also offers its Rapid Assessment & Migration Program (RAMP). This is an end-to-end cloud migration service offering your organization detailed recommendations, as well as holistic guidance on the cloud migration process.

A key benefit of Google Migration Services is that these products come with a free assessment of your current IT infrastructure. This assessment will help your team identify which systems can be transferred to the cloud, the initial cost of migration, and cost savings.

Why Work With A Google Cloud Partner?

As intuitive and user-friendly as Google Cloud is, the number of programs and features can be overwhelming. Google Cloud’s Partner Network provides you with vetted resources for your cloud migration needs. The flexibility, knowledge, and expertise of Google’s Partner Network help to empower you with enablement and cost optimization programs. In addition, working with a Google Cloud Partner helps to free up your internal IT resources and allows more time for collaborative innovation.

Helpful Resources

Whether you prefer a more guided or self-service approach, Google has a migration tool for you that will quickly put you on the path of agile cloud infrastructure. If you have interests in getting a free assessment of your IT infrastructure or learning more about Google Cloud migration services please check out the articles and whitepapers below.

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