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Collaboration and Communication. Project budget constraints. Knowledge of emerging Audio/Video technologies.
Strategically developed and installed a customized integrated Audio/Video solution for multiple sites to encompass future growth. Developed a cost analysis of multiple Audio/Video solutions in order to achieve the highest value. Continued training and support from certified Crestron, AMX and Biamp engineers.
20% increase in productivity due to enhanced internal and external collaboration. The proposed Audio/Video solution stayed within the project budget. A staff trained to operate a state-of-the art Audio/ Video platform.


Louisville Gas and Electric (LG&E) has served Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding region for decades, providing accessible and affordable gas and electric service to approximately one million customers. To expand its reach, LG&E purchased Lexington, Kentucky based Kentucky Utilities Company (KU) in 1998 and branded the organization LG&E KU. This expansion doubled the client base of LG&E KU and increased the coverage area from 16 counties to over 95 counties. LG&E KU has continually been recognized as best-in-class in customer satisfaction ratings. LG&E KU highly ranked in the U.S. among all utilities for efficiency and the leading utility company in the state of Kentucky.


The expansion was a great success for LG&E KU, however it came with certain challenges on the communications and collaboration front. Sites located in Louisville, Lexington and Trimble County Kentucky were in need of expansion to accommodate LG&E KU’s tremendous growth. Each of these locations had multiple conference rooms that needed to integrate with one another, in order for the organization to effectively collaborate with teams both internally and externally.

LG&E KU needed a company who could provide state-of-the-art Audio/Video (A/V) equipment, programming, installation and maintenance for each of their conference rooms. They were looking for a company that could provide on-site technical support and training in case an issue were to arise during a critical moment, such as a live presentation. They found that company in Strategic Communications (Strategic).


Strategic was charged with providing an integrated state-of-the-art A/V solution for three LG&E KU sites. A breakdown of the work performed by Strategic at each LG&E KU site:
Ghent Administration Building, Louisville Kentucky.
Strategic’s A/V Engineering team completed a detailed assessment of each room. Strategic’s engineers analyzed the physical dimensions, location and primary use of each room. This information provided the Strategic A/V team with the data needed to strategize, develop and design the absolute best solution. This analysis allowed LG&E KU to meet their objectives and maintain cost goals for the project.
  • Sony blue ray player
  • Two Shure BLX288 dual-channel handheld wireless system
  • 400 W high performance dual-channel commercial audio amplifier
  • 10x4 all in one presentation switchers
  • Two DX Link multi-format décor style wall plate transmitters
  • Three DX Link HDMI receiver module
  • DX Link multi-format transmitter module
  • Thirty-eight 16 watt Strategy II speaker systems
  • 00 lumen widescreen professional installation projectors with mounts and ceiling adapters
  • Two Modero S series wall mount touch panel
  • Two 65 class LED TVs 1080P with universal articulating mount
  • Three 60 inch Aquos LED Smart TVs w/HDMI/VGA switching wall plate with HDE
  • Four HDBaseT HDMI over twisted pair receivers w/ power and control
  • One 70 inch Aquos LED Smart TV
  • 70 V Mono Amp – 45 Watts
  • Ten 55 inch LED edge lit commercial displays with integrated tuners w/ full motion mounts
  • Smart Box 2-gang adjustable depth device box
  • Power supplies, surge protection and racks
  • Three body pack transmitters 518-542 MHz and Lav microphones
Strategic was able to ensure that LG&E KU was confident in their ability to use the new fully integrated A/V conference rooms. Over 1600 LG&E KU staff members at this location needed to be made familiar on the basic operation of the solution. To achieve the proper knowledge transfer, Strategic included a one-year training and maintenance option.

Sharon Knear Wright – Lexington, Kentucky
Strategic’s A/V Engineering team did a detailed assessment of each room. Strategic took into account the size of the rooms and what each room was primarily used for. With that information, the Strategic A/V team spent hours designing the absolute best solution that would assist LG&E KU in their objectives. A Product Life Cycle Management strategy was designed and implemented to ensure that the equipment would be covered throughout the duration of the warranty.
  • 4000 Lumens WUXGA laser light source 3LCD projector w/ universal mount
  • Media Manager V2 Left Heavy Duty
  • 10.1 inch Modero S series table top touch panel
  • NetLinx NX Integrated Controller
  • 18 inch desktop mounted cardioid gooseneck microphone
  • 8 input HDCP compliant scaling presentation switcher w/ DTP extension
  • Two 3 input switchers w/ DTP
  • DVD player with RS-232, rack mountable
  • HDMI cables with power and control
  • AMX programming
Strategic also included Preventative Maintenance training to the operators of the equipment to ensure the equipment would last well into the future.

Strategic’s A/V Engineering team used the processes noted above, to do a detailed assessment of each room. They took into account the size of the rooms and what each room was primarily used for. With that information, the Strategic A/V team spent hours designing the absolute best solution that would assist LG&E KU in their objectives, staying within the project budget and optimizing Product Life Cycle Management.
The Solution included the following:

  • 50 inch LED backlit display with integrated tuner w/ wall mount tilt
  • Networked interactive play
  • BrightSign 16 GB secure digital high capacity
  • NEC 70 inch LED backlit commercial grade display w/ large wall mount tilt
  • ZCare premier 24/7/NBD on the SX20
  • 10 inch Cisco touch panel
  • Cisco microphones
  • Presentation switcher – 5 input, 2 output
  • 70V 50Watt Audio amplifier
  • Six ceiling drop in speakers
  • Programming Codec
  • SMART Kapp 84 inch digital capture board
  • LG SuperSign 42LX530S digital signage display
Strategic included Preventative Maintenance training to the operators of the equipment.


In conclusion, the integrated multi-platform A/V solution provided LG&E KU with the means to significantly improve internal and external collaboration. Overall, productivity saw an increase of at least 20%. Strategic’s detailed planning, efficient implementation and white glove support helped build a tremendous working partnership with LG&E KU. Crestron, AMX and Biamp certified engineers were on-call and at the ready to assist in training and troubleshooting. This level of support gave LG&E KU a greater sense of comfort when staff members needed to utilize the new A/V conference room platform for important presentations to internal and external clients.

To be proactive and minimize the number of contract modifications, or alter the customers’ requirements, Strategic made the decision to inventory products that optimized Product Life Cycle Management. This strategy ensured that the installed equipment would not go end-of-life during the warranty period. Working with Strategic, LG&E KU was able to keep the project within budget, increase productivity, and have a trained staff that could operate the A/V solution at optimal efficiency.
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