June’s Employees of the Month at Strategic

Every month, the employees at Strategic Communications are given the opportunity to acknowledge exemplary colleagues within or outside their department. This month we decided to do something different and recognize our entire Service team who went above and beyond in support of Presbyterian Church, USA.

The service team did some outstanding work this past month, its members include the people below:

Sam Young

Dan Hewitt

Josh Ballard

Nick Johnson

Justin Kinser

Brian Walls

Rob Steagall

Ron Knight

Vern Clark

Tim Barrett

Customer Feedback

We received the following feedback from Presbyterian Church USA.

Hi Strategic Team,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your work this weekend and this week.  Your prompt response to the issues that have come up has been incredibly helpful.   Your professionalism has been wonderful. Thank you so much!

Getting feedback like this is wonderful and shows us how talented and hard-working our entire service team is day in and day out.

Internal Feedback

Additionaly, Chris Payne the Account Manager of this project had this to say:

It’s an understatement to say this project has been no easy task. From the very beginning we saw the May/June deadline would create significate impact across all the trades involved due to global materials shortages.  Engineering, project management, and our technicians have jumped through hundreds of hoops. Supply chain issues challenged us to redesign systems more than once based on available hardware to meet deadlines for launching a May Test event and their global four week meeting this weekend.

These were the challenges we were able to manage while others related to the construction of the space added complexity to our install schedule. The team literary installed a working system in the absence of having power a few days from the clients first trial run meeting.  They have been working weekends, long hours and driving across multiple states to intercept parts for delivery.

It goes without saying, I have a deep appreciation and respect for this team of engineers, technicians, service, and logistics in facing and overcoming the challenges on this job. We have a client that is beyond happy with choosing Strategic as their partner.

Once again we would like to thank Sam Young, Nick Johnson, Ron Knight, Dan Hewitt, Justin Kinser, Vern Clark, Josh Ballard, Brian Walls, Tim Barrett, and Rob Steagall for their hard work and amazing contributions to Strategic Communications as a whole!

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