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Hybrid Meeting Rooms: Why Hire an AV Integrator to Design?

More companies continue experimenting with hybrid meeting rooms in outfitting permanent remote work positions. Organizations have quickly learned when half of the workforce is remote, it can lead to significant communication and collaboration issues. Moreover, these issues can be mitigated through hybrid meeting rooms. These modern spaces build off the efficiencies created by remote work while enabling collaboration among your entire workforce. For a task this complex, it is important to rely on a partner with the necessary technical experience. We highly recommend working with a reputable AV integrator to design and install your hybrid meeting rooms.

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What does an AV Integrator Do?

Integrators have the ability to design, install, and manage an AV project in its entirety. They have long-standing partnerships with suppliers allowing them to acquire products typically unavailable to the average consumer. Integrators are highly cost-effective in this regard and can help businesses tackle more complex projects with multiple moving parts involved. Furthermore, they possess a tremendous amount of expertise in hybrid meeting rooms, allowing them to design best-in-class solutions. In summary, integrators help you maximize user experience by training employees on newly installed systems as well as overall best practices.

Working with an AV Integrator For Your Hybrid Meeting Rooms

One of the main benefits of working with an AV integrator is their consultation and design abilities. Many organizations start with a problem, not necessarily a solution. For example, earlier we talked about the problems with remote work. Businesses are quick to identify a problem, but their solution may be inadequate. They may decide to remove remote work positions as a way to solve the issue, resulting in more business challenges. In working with an AV integrator, the company reviews the business problem and finds all possible ways to address it. In this case, the integrator provides the organization with an AV design that perfectly fits within their use case. Whatever your use case, reputable AV integrators analyze your hybrid meeting rooms’ needs and provide a solution to achieve your goals.

Additional Beneifits

Another key benefit is the vast amount of experience AV integrators possess. Reputable companies maintain expertise in all parts of the AV space, including video displays, audio engineering, cybersecurity, and much more. For Hybrid Meeting Rooms, multiple products and solutions remain available including Cisco WebEx Room Kits, Shure Huddle Rooms, and Samsung Interactive Displays. Integrators often use their expertise to identify which products and brands are the right choices for your use case. Additionally, integrators leverage their project management skills to conquer complex designs and installations. This allows you to know with great certainty that your hybrid meeting room will be designed in the best way possible while remaining on budget. Also, their project management skills extend far past the install date. Integrators provide routine service to your AV systems and train your staff in the use and preventative maintenance.

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