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Five Reasons Why Your Lobby Needs a Custom Video Wall

In modern business being average is not good enough, you need to instantly wow any potential customers with a great first impression. To truly make a splash we recommend refreshing your corporate lobby with a custom video wall. A good video wall can really provide that differentiating wow that can set you apart from the competition. Also, video walls are incredibly flexible and can serve multiple different use cases. Video walls can improve your communication among employees and create new ways to distribute and promote content. With that being said, here are five reasons why your lobby needs a custom video wall.

Redefine your Customer Experience

We already touched on this before but from a customer experience standpoint, nothing comes close to a custom video wall. Imagine this, you are checking into your hotel and behind the receptionist is a custom video wall showing clips of the best restaurants and tourist attractions in town. The receptionist asks the guest if they’d like to upgrade their room, and the video wall instantly changes to show the view from both their current room and the room they could upgrade to. You can really see how a custom video wall can reshape the way your customers experience your lobby and your business as a whole.

Solidify your Branding

Video walls are also a creative way to highlight and further develop your branding and messaging. They allow for much more dynamic and unique displays compared to traditional signage. Each video wall is custom-made and designed for you, so it is guaranteed to stand out while perfectly complementing your lobby and brand. Not only are they a fantastic way to highlight your brand, but they are also great at visually illustrating some of your core brand principles. Especially if your brand is focused on technological innovation or design you need a solution that practically demonstrates those principles.

Creative Content Deployment

Custom video walls enable new content deployment methods that are not possible without them. You can easily update the content allowing for responsive changes and design experimentation. Most video wall manufacturers have developed content deployment platforms built specifically for their video wall products. Their software solutions simplify the deployment process while still creating room for creativity.

Streamline Communications

A great reason to add a video wall to your lobby is the way they can improve and simplify communication with visitors and staff. A video wall can give much more descriptive information than a traditional sign. For example, you can take directional signs and replace them with a video wall. This allows you to customize the display around specific news or events as well as generally improve your lobby’s visual design. If you are hosting a conference at your building your video wall can display customized directions for your attendees. This streamlines communication and can alleviate some of the burdens that a help desk or secretary would usually have to manage. Video walls can also be used to inform your staff of any company events or policy changes in a visually intriguing way the second they walk into the lobby.

Multi-Source Visualization

One of the great things about video walls is that they are dynamic and can visualize content from multiple sources. A lobby video wall could cycle between promotional footage and company news bulletins for example. A huge benefit of video walls is that they can be utilized for multiple different use cases simultaneously. This can reduce the amount of information overexposure that visitors can get when entering a lobby for the first time. Instead, you can cycle through different content deployments, feeding them key information piece by piece while maintaining an eye-catching modern lobby design.

As you can see a custom video wall can really modernize your corporate lobby while enabling multiple new forms of communication and content deployment. Due to their custom nature, they can be perfectly designed for your lobby ensuring a unique and eye-catching display. In order to maximize the benefits of their customization capabilities, you need the help of a trusted AV integrator. An integrator combines elite AV design and installation abilities in one package. If you are interested in learning more about custom video wall deployments use the button below to contact an AV expert at Strategic Communications. Strategic is a trusted AV integrator with 28 years of experience in the space and can help design and install any custom video wall deployments you are considering.

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