Google Search Appliance Migration


Strategic offers a great alternative to Google Search Appliance

Strategic offers the most flexible search software for your organization. Our Google Search Appliance migration is fast, flexible and, above all, very simple to install, administer and support. With built-in connectors for indexing websites, databases, file systems, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Twitter, CSV or MongoDB, we offer no additional costs for connectors.

What is Google Search Appliance (GSA)?

Organizations use Google Search Appliance as a way to search their intranet for information, documents, files, etc. The features of GSA include:

  • Sorting by Metadata
  • Wildcard Searching
  • Entity Recognition
  • Spellcheck and Synonyms
  • Language Translation
  • Self-Learning Scorer
  • Expert Search
  • User-added results
  • Document Preview
  • Autocomplete
  • Dynamic Navigation
  • Content Collections

GSA supports an array of security protocols such as like Kerberos, NTLM, LDAP, x.509 certificates and SAML 2.0, simplifying integration with identity management and single sign-on systems.

How our Google Search Appliance migration works

The discontinuation of GSA prompts many organizations to look for alternatives for their internal searching needs. We partner with SearchBlox to offer a comprehensive solution to Google Search Appliances! Click and download the whitepaper below to see the benefits of a GSA to SearchBlox migration and how it happens.