Enterprise Search on AWS


Cloud based enterprise search solution on AWS

Strategic provides enterprise search solutions for organizations of all sizes and of all verticals. We partner with SearchBlox to crawl and index your website, file drives, databases or any other content in 5 minutes or less. In addition to crawling, update your search box to use our XML, JSON or HTML-based search results.
AWS Elasticsearch

Enterprise Search: SearchBlox and AWS Elasticsearch Service

Key Benefits

  • Integrated web crawler, file system crawler and connectors for over 75+ datasources
  • Index over 40 document formats including PDF, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel
  • Ready-to-use, fully customizable search front-ends including faceted search
  • Integrate with LDAP for secured enterprise search
  • Web-based Admin console to manage collections(indexes), stopwords and synonyms
  • Ability to scale index storage without any downtime
  • High availability using multiple search servers and data replicated across two AWS availability zones
  • Index data from AWS services like Amazon S3, Amazon Elastic File System and Amazon RDS
  • Setup and configure enterprise search applications on the AWS cloud in minutes

Enterprise Search: Bring Your Own Licenses (BYOL)

Strategic partners with AWS and SearchBlox to provide Bring Your Own Licenses or BYOL solution. BYOL is the process utilized to deploy software previously licensed on physically dedicated AWS hardware. If you BYOL, you do not pay for instances with licensing included in the cost. Instead you pay the same rate as EC2 instances with Amazon Linux pricing. When you BYOL, you remain responsible for managing your own licenses, however Amazon EC2 has features to help in maintaining license compliance throughout the lifecycle of your licenses.