Strategic Communications

Business of the Year: Strategic Communications celebrated 20th anniversary in 2014

Strategic Communications

Year founded: 1994

“For our employees, we are different than other companies in our field because everything we do is a collective effort. No one person is too good for a task, and we know that teamwork can make the impossible, possible. We are passionate about what we do.” – Kathy Mills, shown above.

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Business description: The company is a value-added reseller and provider of information-technology products and services to commercial and government organizations, specializing in voice, data and video.

Local address: 310 Evergreen Road, Louisville, Ky. 40243

Top executive: Kathy Mills, president and CEO

Number of local employees: 31

What major accomplishments of the past year are you most proud of?

“We celebrated our 20th anniversary in 2014. We recently re-engaged in the commercial small- to mid-sized business sector, adding several new customers including” Lexington Christian Academy.

“We have increased our product portfolio to include …

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