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New Broadcast Camera Technologies in 2018

It is no secret that our TV watching habits have significantly evolved over the past several decades.  TV screens have gotten larger (and thinner), picture resolution has become clearer and streaming content has become instantaneous.   Broadcast camera technologies evolve to meet the criteria of the newest TV watching and audiovisual trends.  People want to see more dynamic angles, sharper color and contrast, crisp images and clear audio.

Every year, the bar raises for TV stations and broadcast studios to meet the audiovisual demands of their targeted audience.  4K televisions have started to replace standard HD LCD screens.  Thanks to this trend, the new standard for cameras has shifted to 4K resolution.  In addition, 8K camera technology is developing to fill the forecasted demand of 8K display systems.  Below you’ll see several new broadcast camera technologies to expect in 2018.


Sony HDC 4800 4K Broadcast CameraSony HDC – 4800 UHFR 4K/HD Broadcast Camera

The ability for videographers to not only shoot, record and playback in 4K is a huge selling point for any camera.  Sony’s HDC-4800 UHFR 4K/HD camera does all of the above and way more.  In addition to shooting UHD 4K quality video, the HDC-4800 also does 8x super slow-motion replay and full HD image cut out.  The camera integrates with Sony’s HDCU camera control, production control workstation and media gateway station.  To elaborate, this integration gives production/creative teams tons of features and flexibility to modify the existing video.


Panasonic AK-UC4000 Broadcast CameraPanasonic AK-UC4000 4K Studio Broadcast Camera

The Panasonic AK-UC4000 4K camera comes loaded with features for videographers.  The camera’s large 4.4K sensor enables it to not only shoot high quality 4K video, but also to achieve a resolution of 2000 TV lines!  The AK-UC4000 supports compressed 12G-SDI output allowing 4K video to be transferred by one cable.  In addition, light compression technology called TICO*7 is also used, enabling 4K video to transfer by 3G-SDI without losing video quality.  Thus, enabling the current HD infrastructure to integrate into 4K systems.


JVC GY-HM250 Broadcast CameraJVC GY-HM250 4K Camcorder

The ability to live stream high quality video while constantly on the move requires a camera that is light weight, small, but able to produce great audiovisual quality.  JVC’s new GY-HM250 4K camcorder is one of the most versatile cameras on the market.  Advanced communications and streaming, integrated 12x Ultra HD lens, 4K Ultra HD recording and live output make this camera a must have for videographers out in the field.  In addition, the studio camera design incorporates a line-up of studio camcorder configurations providing the depth and diversity to meet the needs of professional applications from Education and House of Worship to Corporate, Industrial and Broadcast.




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