AV Over IP

AV over IP Explained

AV over IP (Audio Visual over Internet Protocol) differs from standard Audio Video designs, as being a streaming infrastructure. Instead of placing HDBaseT transmitters and receivers at all the devices in the room, AV over IP calls for encoders at each source device and decoders at each destination device. In addition, the encoders and decoders are all connected to standard ethernet switches. As a result, you can connect as many encoders and decoders as your network design allows — with the ability to scale up at lower costs!

IPTV: Internet Protocol Television

The latest technology in audio video streaming, IPTV continues to grow as the broadcast standard in television programming. While traditional TV programming is transmitted through light pulses in cable/fiber or radio waves from satellite, IPTV uses internet protocol to transmit content. Strategic Communications (a leading AV integrator based in Louisville KY) utilizes IPTV solutions from Vitec, Tripleplay and Sony in providing enterprise customers a full collaborative experience.

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AV over IP: Security

As more AV over IP devices connect to your IT network, the need to secure those devices is critical. Strategic Communications partners with industry leaders like Crestron, Vitec and Tripleplay in providing built-in encryption and High-bandwith Digital Content Protection (HDCP). This offers security against unauthorized access of encoder and decoder boxes—including turning streaming on or off, or switching what source is being displayed. In addition, Strategic’s AV over IP devices possess the ability to encrypt the video streams themselves. This ensures that if the video stream is intercepted by an unauthorized user, it cannot be easily decoded and viewed.

Video Streaming

Strategic’s Video Streaming technology is used to deliver content to computers and mobile devices over the Internet. Our AV-over-IP technology takes streaming to a different level. AV over IP allows organizations to connect as many encoders and decoders as the network design allows, and scale up at a lower cost. Streaming allows users to access content before thev entire file is downloaded, and data is automatically deleted after it’s used. In addition, live streaming is used in delivering Internet content in real-time. It’s popular with live television shows and sporting events and is now being used for gaming/entertainment apps. Downloads are quicker and use less data with on-demand streaming resources, as new content is streamed when users need it.

Digital Signage

Strategic Communications’ digital signage solutions enable organizations to configure AV-over-IP streaming platforms to tap into any enterprise digital signage system. Organizations now decide exactly what is always on the screens in their enterprises. Strategic’s AV over IP digital signage platforms enable content sharing on displays in multiple areas such as lobbies, conference rooms, break rooms, and training areas. In addition, content can be played from personal Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

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