The Latest Audio Video Conferencing Solutions in 2020

Organizations of all sizes rely on Audio Video Conferencing technologies for mission-critical business applications.

As a business professional working in Marketing and Business Development for over 12 years, I’ve seen a fair share of audio video conferencing rooms.  During that time, I’ve been involved in many critical meetings with supervisors, peers, partners and customers within those spaces. Furthermore, those individuals physically make the meeting, and sometimes they join remotely. If the meeting space lacks reliable and user-friendly audio video conferencing capabilities, the meeting itself will lack the results.  In conclusion, it remains mission-critical to ensure conference rooms and meeting spaces are outfitted with reliable, intuitive and user-friendly conferencing technology.

Audio Video Conferencing Technologies to Watch out for in 2020

The audio video conferencing capabilities available today for organizations continue to evolve in fitting the needs of the end user.  The technologies listed below possess industry-leading intuitive conferencing controls and features, ensuring seamless and efficient meetings in both large and small spaces. 

Biamp Tesira Series AV Conferencing

For conference rooms of any size, yelling into a phone at the center of the table to be heard is no longer best practice. In brief, the TesiraFORTÉ AVB VT4 digital signal processor allows users to run effortless, efficient meetings.  Choose from a traditional VoIP call with the HD-1 Dialer or a soft codec call using conferencing technologies like Skype for Business™, WebEx™, or Google Hangouts, to connect with anyone, anywhere. In addition, this solution leverages the power of Biamp’s AEC technology, creating a superior audio experience leaving everyone on the call feeling engaged.

Shure Microflex Complete Series

Designed to keep meetings on course, Shure Microflex Complete provides an efficient, effective experience for leaders and participants alike. Powerful features like voting, agenda, interpretation, and identity verification ensure every talking point generates results. In addition to best-in-class audio, powerful software, and seamless integration, you get a system to match nearly every situation, style, or purpose.  For more information on the Microflex Complete, please watch this video link

Vaddio HuddleSHOT Audio Video Conferencing

The HuddleSHOT All-in-One Conferencing Camera with integrated audio is designed especially for huddle spaces. It’s the ideal camera solution for video collaboration sessions because its ultra-wide 125° horizontal FOV gets everyone in the picture, even in the smallest areas.

HuddleSHOT heightens the video conferencing experience with crisp, natural 1080p/60 resolution.  In addition, its clear audio quality enhances collaboration on both ends of the call.  Two integrated speakers with wide dynamic range give conference room participants robust stereo sound.  Two built-in microphones with echo cancellation pick up participant’s voices from up to 12 feet (4 m) away.  A red blinking LED indicator tells participants when the mics are muted.  Furthermore, HuddleSHOT paires with an optional TableMIC or CeilingMIC microphone to extend the pickup range.

The HuddleSHOT’s plug and play simplicity makes it extremely easy to use. Vaddio’s intuitive browser-based user interface simplifies the management of multiple HuddleSHOT cameras across multiple sites for seamless enterprise deployments. In addition, it integrates into cloud-based conferencing applications including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting and others.

Audio Video Conferencing Design and Install from Strategic Communications

For over 25 years, Strategic Communications continues to provide best-in-class audio video conferencing solutions and services to enterprise, education, and government agencies.  In order to find out more about our services and solutions please visit to speak with a solutions specialist!

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